What Does Love Have To Do With Bail Bonds?

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As cheesy as it sounds, love is the most valuable quality to understand. Love has some pretty incredible powers, including the power to overcome some of the worst scenarios, like being arrested. Here is what we mean:

You have just been arrested for a crime.

Now you are sitting in jail waiting, waiting, and waiting. Finally, you have your arraignment hearing and are given your bail. “$100,000,” the judge exclaims. You are immediately left speechless, wondering how you are going to be able to come up with all that money in order to be released. Do you need to sell your house? Do you need to take out a loan? What issues will you run into?

Back in jail, you call your parents and finally fill them in on your recent events. As expected, they are furious. However, they are also concerned and relieved at the same time. What a mix of emotions. It comes down to their love for you. It is a never-ending quality they will have for you, and because of that, you have them as lifelong allies.

They are able to help bail you out of jail with a more affordable option. They have contacted a bail bonds company and have been assigned a professional bail bond agent. Now, instead of paying $100,000, you only need to pay 10%, which you can pay on a payment plan spread out over several months.

Now you know about this alternative method for paying for bail. You even understand why having solid relationships with those who care about you most is so important. Your loved ones will help come up with resources and solutions that better fit your needs.

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