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Why Can’t Minors Be Bailed Out of Jail?

Why Can’t Minors Be Bailed Out of Jail?

Bail is a confusing and unknown subject to a lot of people out there. Most people don’t think about one of their friends or family members getting arrested, so they don’t even consider how they would bail that person out. In most instances, this is just for […]

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Don’t Stress About Collateral

Don’t Stress About Collateral

When someone is taking out a loan, there is a more than likely chance that the lender will want something as collateral. That way, if the person doesn’t pay back the money, the lender can get their money back. In this sense, it is easy to see why companies like to […]

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What Counts as Looting in California?

What Counts as Looting in California?

Whenever an emergency strikes, people are bound to panic. This is only natural as systems that people have been able to rely on for their day to day lives begin to shut down. This is exactly what is happening as the COVID-19, Coronavirus pandemic spreads across the world. In […]

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Is That Baby Photo Going to Get You Into Trouble?

Is That Baby Photo Going to Get You Into Trouble?

All parents, especially first-time parents, love to take photos of their babies. They don’t care how many photos they have of their child, they want more. On top of that, they don’t want to just hoard the photos for themselves, they want to share them […]

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Co-Signers Make Bail Easier



ailing someone out of jail on your own can be difficult, but with the right help, it can be a piece of cake. That is why most people seek help from a bail agent. Getting a bail bond greatly reduces the cost of posting bail, but it isn’t always enough. Luckily, there is an […]

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Don’t Let Bail Ruin Your Day


One call can ruin your day. Finding out that someone you care about has been arrested is horrible. Luckily, one phone call is all it takes to fix the problem too. Just talk to the professionals here at Bail Bond Store in Orange. For over 30 years we have helped Californians face bail. We […]

Talk to Your Kids about Bullying

As summer begins to wind down, kids all over will begin facing their most dreaded of days. The first day of the new school year. Most kids would prefer to stay on summer break indefinitely rather than go back to school, however summer has to come to an end. As everyone gets ready for […]

7 Tips for Preventing Wildfires

All Californians know that it is that time of year once again. Fire season is upon us. California has a tendency to have a hot, dry climate in summer. This can make it very easy for fires to break out and roar across the state. While winds may help cool us down, they only […]

Bicycle Traffic 101

A rite of passage for many young children is learning how to ride a bike. Whether it be the freedom of riding around your neighborhood, cycling to the ice cream parlor in the summer, or just going to visit a friend without having to depend on your parents, there is much fun to be […]

The Truth about Underage Drinking

It’s almost time for school to begin, which means summer vacations are over and families across the state are heading back home for the new school year. The start of a new school year also marks the reunification of friends after a summer spent apart. If you’re the parent of a teenager, then chances […]