Give a Friend the Happiest Time of the Year

newport beach bail bonds

newport beach bail bonds

If it is supposed to be the happiest time of the year, what is your loved one doing in jail? Jail is definitely not a happy place to be. It is not warm and inviting like home is during the holidays. Thinking about how your loved one is doing in jail is upsetting, so why do this to yourself and make them sit in jail any longer then they need to? Contact Newport Beach Bail Bonds, we will get your loved one out of jail.

During your free consultation with a bail agent from Newport Beach Bail Bonds, you will see how we can get your loved one out of jail. We will work with you on a customized payment plan, which will be 10% of the full bail amount, called the premium. Bail bonds are more flexible than cash bail and you get a professional bail agent’s assistance.

Most people use bail bonds to post bail, so do not be ashamed to contact Newport Beach Bail Bonds for help. Bring your loved one home and turn their mood around.

Newport Beach Bail Bonds can be reached online, or at 949-629-9036.