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    Top 10 Most Common Offenses That Offer Bail

    Assault and battery
    Larceny theft
    Public intoxication
    Domestic violence
    Minor in possession of alcohol
    Possession of drug paraphernalia
    Driving with a suspended license
    Disorderly conduct

    These are the top 10 offenses that require bail in order for the offender to be released from jail until his or her trial. Some of these might surprise you as being in the top 10 list. […]

    Tips For Getting A Low Bail Amount

    While it is very uncommon for a judge to re-evaluate and lower a person’s bail upon his or her request, there are chances of having the amount set lower than it could be in another situation. Bail is determined by the arrested person’s past criminal history and the severity of the crime. Here are […]

    Bail Bond Store Broken Down To 6 Simple Rules

    Bail bonds and legal proceedings can be daunting to think about and dreadful to deal with. No one wants to be thrown into this mix so suddenly. But it happens. All the time. If this happens to you, do not worry out of your mind (more than you already are). We, Santa Ana Bail […]

    Setting A Good Example For Others

    We may not realize how much we really influence the ones we love most. You may look up to someone and aspire to be the type of person they are, but how often do you tell them? Probably not nearly enough for them to know.

    How one acts in public and in private can […]

    3 Bail Bond Store Myths, Debunked

    There is always so much talk around the most gossipy issues, including bail bonds because they involve intriguing court cases for the public, and private matters for those involved. Plus, what you see on television shows and movies aren’t always accurate. So, here are 3 common bail bond myths, debunked!

    Myth #1: Bail agents must […]