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    How to Clear your Criminal Record

    Having a criminal record adversely impacts your life. Depending on the severity of the convictions, your criminal record can make it difficult for you to find housing, establish relationships, and secure some jobs. The fact that you’re living in the technological age where anyone with internet access has the ability to locate your criminal […]

    By |November 21st, 2022|Bail Bond Store in Laguna Niguel, Bail Bonds in Laguna Niguel|Comments Off on How to Clear your Criminal Record

    Can I Sue My Neighbor for Harassment in California?

    In a perfect world, you have great neighbors who you not only like and respect but who are also willing to step up and lend a hand whenever needed. The problem is that we don’t live in a perfect world. While some of us are blessed with fantastic neighbors, others have neighbors who seem […]

    California’s Search and Seizure Laws

    California lawmakers believe that the common citizen should be as protected from the police as possible. The creation of search and seizure laws is one of the steps lawmakers have taken to make sure that your Fourth Amendment rights are protected. Not only are the search and seizure laws designed to prevent the police […]

    California’s Views on Illegal Pets

    If you think that as long as you’re responsible for their care, you can own any type of pet you want, you’re wrong. California has specific laws that restrict what types of pets you’re legally allowed to own.


    As much as you might like the idea of having a pet monkey, as long you live […]