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    CA State Laws On Bail Bonds

    When someone is arrested, they have an arraignment hearing where the judge will determine if he or she is eligible for bail. Then, sometime down the road, that person stands trial for the crime they were arrested for. If they are found guilty, if they are convicted, they are sent to prison to serve […]

    You Need To “Interview” A Bail Bond Company First

    When your freedom, or that of someone you love, is literally on the line, you of course are going to want to seek out the best help you could possibly receive. You need to get out of jail and you need someone who you can trust and rely on to help you achieve this. […]

    The Orange County Bail Bond Store Family Is Your Family

    When you call Orange County Bail Bond Store (800-793-2245), don’t expect a draining conversation with an automated message where you’re asked to keep pushing numbers to try and resolve your issue. You’ll immediately be greeted by one of our best representatives who will talk you through the bail bond process and figure out the […]