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    Understanding Slander in California

    Most Americans know that the First Amendment grants the right to free speech. The problem that many of us encounter is we don’t fully grasp the differences between free speech and slander.

    What is Free Speech?

    Many of us interpret the First Amendment to mean that we’re free to say whatever we want, to whomever […]

    What Should I Do if My Family Fights?

    Families fight. Some just happen to fight more than others. The trick to weathering family fights is recognizing the signs that the fight is starting to escalate into something that won’t simply blow over and taking steps to diffuse the situation.

    Remove Yourself From the Situation

    When a fight is starting to get too loud […]

    Planning a Flight? Make Sure You’re on Your Best Behavior!

    Most of us have been on a flight where at least one passenger seemed to go out of their way to be difficult. They were loud, overly active, got sassy with the flight attendants, etc. In some cases, the passenger’s bad behavior was amusing. In other situations, it was irritating. Sometimes it even becomes […]

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