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    How Santa Ana Bail Bond Store Can Help Your Family

    In major times of conflict, tension between individuals will rise and sometimes, communication and support would be lacking. But when families see their loved one come home from jail, they begin to mend their strain. So, how does the arrested person get out of jail?

    Talk to Santa Ana Bail Bond Store by calling […]

    It’s Never Too Late To Turn Your Life Around

    Even for those who have had multiple brushes with the law throughout their lifetime, it’s never too late to get life turned around. We can never give up hope on helping those who can’t seem to stay away from trouble because then they will give up hope on themselves.

    It doesn’t matter if that […]

    Be Brave To Let Your Partner Know You Need Help – Marriage Vow Are Strong

    Being married to your partner is a beautiful blessing in life, but it does not come without challenges. Your marriage vows “for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health” are taken seriously and couples who are able to overcome all the hardest obstacles together end up having the best […]

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    It’s Official: Long Beach Bail Bond Store Is Voted As The Best

    Our team at Long Beach Bail Bond Store is so very honored to have been recognized by our greater community as the best bail bonds company in the 2015 Readers’ Choice poll! This award means a great deal to us, serving as another affirmation that we perform our duties outstandingly. Our line of work […]

    Friends, Family Like Knowing They Are Needed. Ask For Their Help!

    There is something about knowing we are needed that is just gratifying. Any good person who loves and cares about their friends and family wants to help them out whenever and however they can, will want to do so. If the two of you really do have an unbreakable friendship, you shouldn’t be afraid […]

    The Difference Between Expungement And Sealing Records

    It kind of sucks when you are trying to apply for a new job or find a home to rent and you have to admit to having a not so pretty criminal record, huh? Is there a way to seal these records or better yet, erase them altogether? Yes, but of course, under certain […]

    Sports, Alcohol, And Common Sense

    What an exciting time of year for sports right now! Over the next couple weeks, the Golden State Warriors or Cleveland Cavaliers will be named the NBA Champions, and either the Chicago Blackhawks or Tampa Bay Lightning will take home the Stanley Cup trophy for hockey. We’re betting a whole lot of you will […]

    What Some Officers Don’t Tell You About Bail And Your Rights

    You are innocent until proven guilty

    You can hire legal counsel

    You can refrain from questioning until your lawyer shows up

    You are entitled to a fair and speedy trial

    You have the right to know the charges against you

    You are allowed to make a call after being arrested

    You have the right to post bail

    You are entitled to […]

    You Could Get Ticketed Just For Crossing Some Los Angeles Streets

    Perhaps you’ve heard the recent born-again debate about crazy jaywalking tickets distributed to pedestrians in Los Angeles – predominantly Downtown Los Angeles.

    The situation has been brought to light by a man in his early 20s who was cited $197 for dashing across an intersection when the crossing countdown still had 10 seconds on it […]

    How Bail Controls Population In Jail

    Even with all the prisons and jails in the United States, it’s sad to say that they are all overcrowding. And because prisons and jails cannot accommodate all offenders, many who have been sentenced for a less serious crime are released before doing their whole time. Bail can help alleviate this issue a bit.

    For […]