newport beach bail bonds

Bailing someone out of jail is not cheap. Bail usually costs several thousands of dollars, which is far too expensive for most individuals. This is why many people contact a bail agent for help. Getting a bail bond from an agent makes bailing someone out of jail so much cheaper.

Unfortunately, that is not always enough for some people. That is why we offer an extra discount for our clients here at Newport Beach Bail Bonds. This discount helps makes the bail bond a little more affordable.

To qualify for this discount is really simple. One of the co-signers on the bail bond just needs to be one of the following:
A union member
A member of the military
A member of AARP
A homeowner
Have a private attorney

If one of the co-signers meets one of these qualifications, then the bail bond will only cost 8% of the bail. This is a 20% discount on the price of the bail bond, which can equal a lot of money on larger bails.

On top of this, we allow our clients to pay for the bail bond with a payment plan. This helps reduce the upfront cost of the bail bond, making it more affordable. The cost of the bail bond will be broken up and spread out over several months. These payments will be designed to fit into your monthly budget.