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At Dana Point Bail Bonds rescuing and reuniting families across California has been our priority for decades and our expert bondsmen have bailed out thousands of people throughout the state. We strive to make bail fast for all of our clients.

We Offer the Best Help with DUI, Drug, Warrants, Domestic Violence, Felony, Traffic, Weapons & Misdemeanor Offenses.

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Prompt 24/7 Service in Dana Point, California

You’ll always get prompt, discreet service when you contact us. Bail bonds of any size are available for any felony or misdemeanor charge in the State of California.

Both phone and online consultations are always free and available 24/7.

Benefits include:

Don’t let this mishap tear your family apart. It should actually draw you all closer together, and if we can help with that, we will be honored. You can trust us to help save your family, simply pick up the phone and call us now.

To Recieve Expert Help In Locating Your Loved One, Call 949-629-9036 For A Free Consultation.

We Offer Free Consultations 

Every single person who contacts us is entitled to a free bail bonds consultation. When you seek out one of our consultations, you’ll instantly be put in touch with one of our California bail bonds experts. We urge you to ask them any question (that pertains to bail in California) that crosses your mind. You won’t believe how much information you get during the consultation.


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Does Credit Matter When Applying for a Bail Bond in California

If you’re co-signing to help cover a loved one’s bail bond, your credit could be a factor. We want to make sure that you have the assets needed to secure the bail bond and that your credit rating indicates that if you’re loved one fails to make their payments, you’ll be able to cover the missed payments.

Dana Point Bail Bonds enjoys an outstanding reputation for working hard to secure a bail bond for their clients, even when that client has been turned down by other bail bond agencies.

To Recieve Expert Help In Locating Your Loved One, Call 949-629-9036 For A Free Consultation.