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    What To Do When Someone You Loved Was Arrested

    Express your support. They need you now more than ever.
    Ask questions as to why this happened, and how you can help.
    Show a little anger and disappointment. They need to feel how this negatively affects their most loved family and friends.
    Set some goals. Whether it’s spending more time with family or attending rehab, go over […]

    What To Do After You’re Arrested

    What occurs after you are arrested is much like what you see on television: you are photographed, fingerprinted, searched, and recorded. You are informed of your rights, which include remaining silent and having a lawyer present. As a general rule, it’s wiser to use these rights so you do not divulge information to the […]

    Too Tired To Drive? Then Don’t! Ask Someone To Pick You Up Or Call A Cab

    California’s music festival season(s) has commenced! As we move into the warmer days and longer evenings filled with great music, outdoor fun, friends, and just plain ol’ partying, please remember your well-ingrained responsibilities – including, but not limited to knowing your alcohol limitations. The last thing you want is to miss your festival and […]

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    10 Simple Tips For Saving Some Money

    Money seems like it’s always an issue, no matter what it is needed for – tuition, savings, insurance, rent, and even bail? There are things that must be paid, and there are things that can be let go of. Here are some simple money saving habits to start getting into that in the long […]

    What Is Bail And Who Can I Turn To For Help?

    When someone is arrested, they can appear in front of a judge within 3 days of their arrest. But, if they are offered the option to post bail, they can do so and have more time before they must return to court. This is especially beneficial for those who need to build a strong […]