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    Prank Calls Aren’t Just Fun and Games

    It’s not uncommon for kids to go through a phase where they make silly prank calls. These calls are generally thought to be harmless, but what about when they cross the line from being amusing to annoying?

    In California, calling a resident and pretending to place an order for a silly pizza won’t usually get […]

    Failure to Pay Legal Child Support Obligations in California

    Child support is always a touchy issue. There are a variety of reasons people use for failing to pay legal child support obligations in California. These reasons include:

    That the amount is more than they can afford and they don’t have enough money left to live on

    They don’t think their ex (or kids) are entitled […]

    The Truth About Breaking and Entering in California

    People talk about breaking and entering charges all the time, so you’ll probably be surprised to learn that California doesn’t actually have any official breaking and entering laws. Just because California doesn’t have a specific breaking and entering law, it doesn’t mean you can walk into anyone’s house and not expect to face legal […]