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    Brighten A Day By Bailing Out

    Just like Spring presents brighter, happier days, you too can brighten a loved one’s future, by helping them bail out of jail. Jail is not pleasant; it’s dirty, dark, and uncomfortable. It’s miserable and sometimes cold. There is no sign of light (figuratively) and nothing happy about it.

    You can change that for your […]

    Social Medias, Celebrities, And The Laws

    The more prevalent social media becomes in our everyday lives, the more cautious we have to be with what we post on it. Something you post can incriminate you without you initially realizing it.

    For example, you might have heard that singer and actress Vanessa Hudgens is under investigation for allegedly defacing the protected […]

    We Make Bail More Affordable for All of Our Clients

    At Laguna Beach Bail Bond Store, we work with our clients to create personalized payments plans. We want you to be able to afford to bail out your friend or family member. We will create a customized payment plan that splits up the cost of the bail bond into monthly payments. This way, you […]