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    Tips for a Peaceful Holiday Family Gathering

    ‘Tis the season when many of us are getting together with both our immediate and extended family to celebrate the holidays. While this is supposed to be a fun time that is full of joy and shared memories, all of us are painfully aware that whenever a family gathers, there’s always a chance that […]

    By |December 6th, 2022|Uncategorized|Comments Off on Tips for a Peaceful Holiday Family Gathering

    Drunk Driving During Christmas

    If you think that the cops are going to be more forgiving about you getting behind the wheel when you’re intoxicated because it’s the Christmas season, you should think again. If anything, history indicates that you’re even more likely to be arrested for drunk driving during the holiday season. In 2020, the California Highway […]

    By |November 21st, 2022|Bail Bonds in Mission Viejo|Comments Off on Drunk Driving During Christmas