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    How Santa Ana Bail Bond Store Can Help Your Family

    In major times of conflict, tension between individuals will rise and sometimes, communication and support would be lacking. But when families see their loved one come home from jail, they begin to mend their strain. So, how does the arrested person get out of jail?

    Talk to Santa Ana Bail Bond Store by calling […]

    Don’t Let The Travel Bug Get You Into Jail Elsewhere!

    You’ve caught the travel bug this warm season and you think you’ve got your prepping and packing on lock. But we will bet you’re not thinking about one thing that can either make or break your trip: the laws that govern the place you’re visiting!

    As a general rule you know that what’s right and […]

    Getting Arrested Could Be The Best Thing To Happen To A Person

    Sometimes getting arrested could be the best thing that has ever happened to a person.

    They live their life dangerously, hurting themselves and those who care about them physically, mentally, emotionally. They do not know how to stop their troubles because they think there is no use – why waste the effort of trying to […]

    California Laws About Bail Bond Store

    Bail bond companies cannot solicit a defendant for posting a bond.

    The defendant may request a review of bail. However, the bail amount is rarely readjusted after it has been set.

    Bail companies cannot recommend or refer attorneys to the arrested.

    If collateral like property and vehicles are put up for the bail bond, the owner must […]

    What To Do When You Find Out There Is A Warrant For Your Arrest

    When you find out that the police have issued a warrant for your arrest, do not panic. First, you should know that you should not try and run from the police. They will find you and your consequences will just be worse. What you should do is prepare yourself mentally, and contact some loved […]

    Why Help From A Stranger Is Beneficial

    Sometimes it’s better to talk to someone who doesn’t know you instead of asking your friend for advice or for help. As much as friends want to help out, they may hold back a little because they don’t want to see you down or hurt you anymore; they may withhold the bitter, harsh truth […]

    Know The Power Of Your Miranda Rights

    We’re taught how lucky we are to have all these freedoms and rights like freedom of speech, but we also have the freedom to remain silent that can be just as important to exercise in the proper situations.

    When the police make an arrest, they must read the Miranda Rights. The Miranda Rights protects […]

    What Is Bail And How Do I Pay All This Money?

    California bail amounts are reviewed and adjusted as necessary every year. Bail amount for a DUI may be more this year than it was last year. Moreover, each county sets bail amounts, so the bail amount for a DUI can be different in Los Angeles than it would be in San Francisco. Rarely will […]

    Santa Ana Bail Bond Store Makes Bail Payment Easy And Affordable

    When and how soon you need pay off the entire bail bond you owe to Santa Ana Bail Bond Store is dependent on your financial situation combined with our workable options. That’s one of the best things about utilizing our services! The agents at Santa Ana Bail Bond Store understand that everyone’s situations and […]

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