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    Consequences of High-Speed Chases in California

    High-speed car chases happen all over the country, yet whenever people hear about a high-speed chase, they automatically assume it took place in California. That’s because California, and more specifically, Los Angeles, is considered the Car Chase Capital of the World.

    There are a few reasons that California and high-speed chases go together. The first […]

    GoFund Me Crimes

    GoFund Me has been a wonderful tool. It’s allowed people, non-profit organizations, and more to quickly raise money for important causes and emergencies. While many great things can be said about GoFund Me, as always, there’s also a dark side. Shortly after GoFund Me started making waves, scammers flocked to the site and started […]

    Safety Tips for College Students

    It’s the time of year when many young adults are preparing for their first semester of college. In most cases, this is the first time they have lived without the supervision and guidance of their parents. One of the things collegebound students should already be reviewing is how they can make sure that they […]

    Negligent Discharge of a Weapon in California

    A California man was recently arrested on the negligent discharge of a weapon charge. In this particular case, the man was allegedly firing BBs at passing traffic. It’s unclear how many windows he shot out or how much property damage might have occurred. It is estimated that approximately 100 different vehicles were struck by […]

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    Tips for Preventing Road Rage in California

    Road rage in California is a serious problem. The Best Driving School reported that nationwide, road rage was responsible for 218 murders and 12,610 injuries during seven years. Road rage has been the cause of countless accidents and deaths. Many of the people who were injured and killed during road rage incidents were innocent […]

    When Does a Prank Go too Far?

    Most of us have been involved in pranks, both as the person pulling the prank on another and as someone who has been pranked. In most cases, the pranks are fun and no one is emotionally or physically hurt, but there is always an exception.

    The best indicator that a prank has gone too far […]

    Disorderly Conduct in California

    One of the problems with California’s legal system is that sometimes it’s difficult to know that you’re breaking the law. In many disorderly conduct cases, people think they’re just having a good time or being opinionated until the police show up. Sometimes people don’t even know what they’ve done until they hear the charges […]

    What is Exoneration in California

    What Happens If I Make A Fake or Prank 911 Call

    Making a fake or prank phone call to 911 might seem like good fun but it’s not something you want to follow through with. Neither law enforcement offices nor court officials have a sense of humor.

    To put it simply, making fake or prank 911 calls is illegal. In some situations, that single phone […]

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    Is Intentionally Spreading the Virus an Act of Terrorism?

    Is Intentionally Spreading the Virus an Act of Terrorism?

    The world is in a state of crisis as the COVID-19, Coronavirus, pandemic takes root everywhere. This has led to governments ordering non-essential businesses to temporarily shut down and forcing entire communities to lockdown. People are only allowed to leave their homes for essential trips, and […]

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