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    What Happens if I Disturb the Peace in California?

    Disturbing the peace is kind of a blanket term in California. If you’re charged with disturbing the peace, it basically means that you did something to irritate someone. Examples of this can include anything from deciding to mow your lawn in the middle of the night to playing really loud music, getting into a […]

    How to Respond to a Stalking Situation in California

    There’s nothing funny about being the victim of a stalking situation. It’s a crime that often quickly escalates and can end in violence. If you suspect you have a stalker, there are a few things you should do right away.
    Take the Situation Seriously
    Don’t assume that you’re simply feeling a little jumpy or that […]

    What Happens if You Fail to Stop and Submit to an Inspection

    In California, commercial drivers are legally required to stop and submit for a vehicle inspection. Failing to do so results in serious repercussions. You could even be sentenced to jail time!

    The law that deals with commercial failure to stop and submit to an inspection is California Vehicle Code 42002.1 VC. The code very clearly […]

    How to Protect Yourself from a Break-In