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    Most Dangerous Cities to Live in California 2022

    By |May 17th, 2022

    Like most parts of the world, California has some places that are great areas to raise a family. These areas have good schools, solid sources of income, and a low crime rate. The flip side of the coin is that there are also some extremely sketchy parts of California. A quick look at crime […]

    Graduation Parties and Minor’s Drinking in California

    By |May 17th, 2022

    Finally! It’s graduation season. For many students and parents, this is a day they’ve been waiting for their entire lives. They’re finally putting high school behind themselves once and for all and allowing themselves to focus on the future.

    If you’re a graduating senior or someone who just likes to hang out with a group […]

    Are DUI Checkpoints Legal in California?

    By |May 17th, 2022

    No one likes DUI checkpoints. Not only do they make many of us nervous, even when we haven’t been drinking. There’s just something about getting caught in a checkpoint and seeing a police officer walking towards us that tends to activate a guilt complex, they also drastically extend the length of time it […]

    What is Defamation of Character in California?

    By |May 17th, 2022

    One of the great things about living in the United States is that we have freedom of speech. That allows us to freely speak our minds without having to worry about facing legal consequences. What some people don’t realize is that while we do enjoy the freedom of speech, the right to speak freely […]

    Penalties for Illegal Street Racing in California

    By |May 3rd, 2022

    Yes, the Fast and the Furious movie franchise made street racing look like a great way of generating some excitement on a Friday night, but before you gather a group of your friend together to see who can drive the fastest, you should know that street racing, drag racing, and other vehicular speed contests […]

    Illegally Carrying a Loaded Firearm in California

    By |May 3rd, 2022

    Just because you’re legally allowed to own a firearm in California, it doesn’t mean you have an instant right to do whatever you want with it. For example, while you’re allowed to own a firearm and even carry it with you if that same firearm is loaded, you could find yourself in serious legal […]

    Consequence of Mislabeling Food in California

    By |May 3rd, 2022

    Ignoring and Disobeying California Traffic Signals

    By |May 3rd, 2022

    Believe it or not, the State of California didn’t put up traffic signs, signals, and lights simply to make your commute more difficult. Despite what it may feel like some days, the traffic signals weren’t created as some sort of vendetta against you. The truth is that they exist because the state’s traffic experts […]

    California Bail Bonds Improves Your Defense

    By |April 20th, 2022

    Most people don’t think about how difficult it is to prepare a solid defense while you’re sitting in a jail cell. There’s very little privacy. You have to hope that your lawyer is willing and able to arrange their schedule so that they can routinely meet with you. Most importantly, you can’t gain access […]

    Quick Bail Bond Approval in California

    By |April 20th, 2022

    Here at Newport Beach Bail Bonds, it’s our belief that no one should have to sit in a jail cell for a moment longer than necessary. We understand that each minute you’re in a cell, the bleaker your situation feels. We want you to be as comfortable as possible as soon as possible which […]