Do we really need MORE bars in Downtown Santa Ana? Really? Santa Ana already has issued more liquor licenses than any other city in Orange County. It’s not close. I think we could use some more family restaurants. Most of us cannot afford to eat at the newer restaurants. A Chuck E. Cheese would be nice – Santa Ana is the largest city in Orange County without one.

The Proof guys have a lot of nerve asking for an expansion after one of their patrons was shot at 2 am in a nearby parking structure, last year. The problem with Proof and the other bars is that they don’t serve food. So their patrons get stone cold drunk. I wonder how many of these drunks get away with driving under the influence, since the SAPD DUI checkpoints are usually set up in quiet neighborhoods with high numbers of immigrants? Yes, once in awhile they set one up near Original Mike’s, but they should have motorcycle officers waiting outside Proof every night. It would be easy pickings.

Nothing was settled tonight, but you can expect a hell of a fight as the Planning Commission weighs the new ruled. I am pretty sure that the City Council majority won’t likely be swayed by the folks who were at tonight’s Planning Commission meeting. Did I mention that Irv and Ryan Chase were there – along with their promoter, Archer Altstaetter? Archer went off on what he intimated are antiquated city rules – but this is the guy who opened his new costume store without a business license! What does he care about rules when he ignores them anyway?