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    Waiting to Learn to Drive

    Driving is pretty much a part of everyday life as an adult. You need to drive to work, to run errands, and to take your kids to school. It is one of the many freedoms that adults get, and kids see this. Kids cannot wait until the day that they get to take a […]

    Don’t Let Your Stuff Get Added to the Collection

    Everybody has stuff that they enjoy owning, and would hate to lose. Unfortunately, there are people out there that like to steal other people’s stuff. That is why the Los Angeles County Sheriffs are running a series of ads for the “Stolen Collection.” At first glance, one might think the poster is an advertisement […]

    Road Trip 101

    Summer is for lazy pool days, family vacations, and road trips! If you’re like the 80% of Americans who ventured out on a road trip in 2017 then you know that road trips can be a lot of fun. However, they can also be a little nerve-wracking if you’ve never taken one before. That’s […]

    Beat the Heat, Save Some Cash

    If you’ve been living in California for any amount of time then it should come as no surprise that it was ranked as the third most expensive place to live in the United States, this according to a 2017 article published by CNBC. While California may be known as the Golden State, that doesn’t […]

    Fight Droughts Save Water

    If you live in the state of California then you know that rain is an uncommon act of Mother Nature. This lack of precipitation in the state results in what is commonly known as a drought. If you’re unfamiliar with the term, a drought is a prolonged period of abnormally low rainfall that results […]

    Rules of the Beach

    Nobody wants to think about rules once summer rolls around,the season is about freedom after all. However, the rules still need to be followed. If someone decides to ignore them,they can end up facing some serious fines or even jail time. California law doesn’t care what season it is. If a law is broken, […]

    The Ins and Outs of Employment Discrimination

    If someone you either employ or who you decide not to hire believes that you’re discriminating against them based on race, gender, religion, or some other characteristic, you will find yourself in some serious legal trouble.

    In the state of California, you’re not allowed to hold these characteristics against any of your current or prospective […]

    The Ins and Outs of Aggravated DUI

    We all know that driving after drinking is something that can cost us our driver’s license and land us in jail. What many of us don’t realize is that California has something called aggravated DUI which is even more serious than your standard DUI charge.

    Any time you get behind the wheel of your vehicle […]

    Can Police Officers Search Your Electronics?

    In the modern age, so much of our lives revolve around electronic devices. How many of us would be able to go a day without our cellphone in hand? Probably not many of us. It’s no wonder that since electronic devices like this have become so commonplace that law enforcement officers may need to […]

    Never Try to Race a Train

    Running across railroads is pretty common in day to day life. You may walk alongside one on your morning jog, or cross one when driving to work. They are a part of everyday life, and for the most part they do not interfere. However, every once in a while you get stuck at a […]