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    Remember This If You Are Ever Stopped By the Police

    You do not have to be suspected of committing a crime for the police to stop and question you. The police stop and speak with all kinds of people daily, it is their job. If it ever happens to you, try and remember this:

    Get the officer’s name and badge number.

    Take note of their patrol […]

    Cash Bail vs. Bail Bonds

    When needing to post bail, a defendant has a couple of options. Which option he or she chooses is dependent on what they can afford.

    The first option is cash bail. For this option, the defendant, and anyone on his or her behalf, must pay the full bail amount to the court in order […]

    College Students and Real Life

    Students returning to college ought to remember they are now legal adults. If they get in trouble, they can face serious consequences that parents might not be able to fix. Parents will definitely help out as much as possible, but they cannot make the problem go away like they could have before.

    So say […]

    About the New California Cell Phone Use and Driving Laws

    New California laws banning the use of cellphones while driving have officially been put into place starting January 1, 2017. While such laws have already existed in California for some time now, the new laws expand on existing ones. The existing ones are outdated, having begun when smart phones were less advanced than today, […]

    Restart the New Year with Newport Beach Bail Bond Store

    The start to your loved one’s new year has been less than spectacular. He or she has already run into problems with the police and is now sitting in jail, waiting to post bail. They are probably thinking it is a bad omen, that the rest of the year, or life, will be rocky. […]

    Do Ask for Help

    No matter what age their children are, parents will never fully let go of them. They are always going to be there for their children someway, somehow. It is that parental instinct to protect and help, and during the worst of the worst situations, their “being there,” will be no different. If you are […]

    The Risks and Rights of Bail Bond Co-Signing

    Bail bond co-signers have a very important role in the release of a defendant. Their role can often also be mentally stressful.

    Co-signers are often needed to secure a bail bond. Without a co-signer on a bail bond, the defendant will remain in jail. When a defendant does get a co-signer on their bail […]

    Top Notch Bail Bond Work with Newport Beach Bail Bond Store

    Rated one of California’s most trusted and reliable bail bond companies, Newport Beach Bail Bond Store works magic when it comes to posting bail with bail bonds for anyone who needs their services.

    24/7 statewide availability
    Affordable bail bonds and customized payment plans
    Fast, confidential service
    Zero interest
    No hidden fees
    Discounts available
    Cash, credit, debit, and checks accepted
    Convenient, secure online […]

    Don’t You Know: Life Is Not Perfect

    Life is far from perfect, no one has a perfect life. At some point, everyone gets in trouble, from cutting curfew or not doing homework, to doing something wrong at work or speeding. That right there is already an indication that no one is perfect, and life is not either. The good thing is […]

    When to Bail Someone Out of Jail

    Did you just find out that a friend or family member, someone you care about, has been arrested? If so, you probably want to help your loved one, but you have no idea when you can do that. When is the best time to contact a bail agent?

    The best time to contact a bail […]